Gambit Torchbox Lightbox Javascript Demo & Instructions

Our Torchbox lightbox script is our take on a fast, easy to use and minimalist lightbox. Unlike the rest, this is a pure Javascript implementation and is more or less a drop-in lightbox solution with minimal setup required.

When a Torchbox image is clicked, it will open it inside a lightbox. It would look like your image pops out of its place and gets enlarged to full view. Awesome.

The image caption get displayed when the lightbox finishes its animation. The high resolution version (if provided) will load and will replace the image in the lightbox when it's ready. And if the script detects that there are other Torchboxes, it will display a previous and next arrow inside the lightbox so that your visitors can switch back and forth between images.

Try it out below!

See it in Action

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One. به قالب خود اضافه کنید

کپی کنید اسکریپت و به قالب خود قبل از تگ <head>

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Two. مقدار دهی اولیه

Start Torchbox with this line of code, put this in your <head> tag.

var torchbox = new GambitTorchbox();
Do not wrap this initialize code inside jQuery's ready function or a document onload listener.

Three. این کلاس ها و اتریبیوت ها را به عکس های خود اضافه کنید

You'll need to add a class & a few attributes to your image tags in order to make them trigger a Torchbox when clicked.

Modify your <img> tags:

  1. به عکس های خود این کلاس را بدهید gambit_torchbox,
  2. هم چنین این اتریبیوت را data-hires و در اون آدرس عکسی که می خواید توی لایت باکس نمایش داده بشه رو بذارید
  3. Add a title attribute and put in the caption that you want to show up with the image.
If the data-hires is not present, the high resolution image will not be loaded, and your torchbox will show the same image instead. If the title attribute is not present, no caption will be displayed. TIP: If you don't want to add classes, you can change the selector setting (see Settings section below).

Setup Example

For example, if you have this in your HTML and you want this to have a Torchbox:

<img src=''/>
You should end up with:
<img src='' class='gambit_torchbox' data-hires='' title='This is a cool image'>
In this example, the low resolution image is and
the high resolution image is


When initializing Torchbox, you can provide some settings if you want to change the default behavior. Here is how you can do it and the default parameters:

var torchbox = new GambitTorchbox({
	// The selector to use to search for images to attach lightboxes to
	'selector': '.gambit_torchbox',
	// The name of the attribute that carries the URL to the high resolution image to display.
	'highres_attribute': 'data-hires',
	// The name of the attribute that caption of the image.
	'caption_attribute': 'title',
	// If true, arrows will be displayed for navigating to the previous/next Torchbox image
	'navigation': true,
	// If true, keyboard navigation (left, right & escape to close) will be enabled
	'key_navigation': true,
	// Lightboxes are disabled for mobile devices, choose whether images should open as links or do nothing
	'mobile_behavior': 'none', // 'none' or 'open',
	// The width to determine if we are in a mobile device
	'mobile_width': 800

متدها و عملگرها

شما می تونید با این عملگرها لایت باکس رو کنترل کنید

I'm assuming here that you have the instance of GambitTorchbox in a variable torchbox

Open a lightbox

// Open the lightbox of the image with an id of `foo`
var el = document.querySelector('#foo'); el );

Close the current lightbox


With a Torchbox open, move to the next image;

With a Torchbox open, move to the previous image


Refresh the position of the Torchbox (to ensure it's in the middle of the screen)


تغییر استایل لایت باکس

All the styles can be adjusted in CSS. We have provided SCSS files for each component of Torchbox so you can edit them individually.

For reference, here are a few CSS examples on adjusting the major components of Torchbox and their default values:

Overlay color & opacity

.gambit_torchbox_bg {
	background: #000;
} {
	opacity: .85;

Caption color

.gambit_torchbox_caption {
	color: #fff;

Caption gradient background tint

.gambit_torchbox_caption:before {
	background: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(0,0,0,0) 0%,rgba(0,0,0,0.55) 100%);

Loading icon color > div {
	color: #fff;
	background: #fff;
	border-color: #fff;

Arrow button background & hover opacity

.gambit_torchbox_prev, .gambit_torchbox_next {
	background: rgba(0,0,0,.5);
}, {
	background: rgba(0,0,0,.8);

Arrow button arrow color

.gambit_torchbox_prev:before, .gambit_torchbox_prev:after,
.gambit_torchbox_next:before, .gambit_torchbox_next:after {
	background: #fff;